Convert Transform to Relative - Parameters are missleading


4.12’s fix of ConvertTransformToRelative did not change the parameter names, meaning the function appears to provide the inverse i.e B->A not A->B after being fixed in the release log.

This example blueprint worked before the fix but now gives an inverse location. The socket’s world position (53,53,53) is converted to relative with the parent actor’s transform. We would expect this to be 53,53,53 but this is now being returned as -53,-53,-53 as the transform is actually from the ‘Parent Transform’ parameter to the ‘Transform’ parameter.

Although this is covered in the function’s comment, it is not obvious from the blueprint node or the function parameters.


Hello Isaac,

I have submitted a feature request (UE-31887) to the developers for further consideration. It requests that changes be made to the node to make it more easily understood. I hope this helps. If you need any further assistance please let me know and I will be happy to help.

Make it a great day

Do we know the status of this feature request? I am trying to understand how transforms work in UE4, and it seems to me like ‘Convert Tranform to Relative’ is still expressing the ‘Parent Transform’ in terms of ‘Transform’, when the comment and common sense indicate the opposite.