Convert the destructable chunks to PhysActor

I’m working on a game where you can throw and break things. I want to make is to you can also pick up the broken chunks and throw them as well. This requires that the chunks are a PhysActor.

Is there a way to convert/cast the chunks from a broken destructible as a PhysActor?

Destructible meshes components are technically sockets and bones, so I don’t think it is possible to change them to a PhysActor.

You could try moving the DM sockets/bone in script, or import the DM into a modeling program, export each piece, and replace the components with the matching single piece when interacted with.

How can I do this? There seems to be no ways to move bones in script. And how can I import DM into a modelling program?

You might not be able to do it easily or atall. The guys at Epic told me they are pretty much done with Destructible Meshes so they probably wont be adding any more features there. What you would probably need to do is when the item needs to be fractured/destructed then break it apart into already known chunks (so basically despawn the intact vase and spawn 4 vase chunks). This could work but you wont get the randomness of Destructible Meshes. Personally I gave up on being able to pick up chunks since its not a huge part of the game and lead to issues like picking up one chunk picks up the whole broken item.