Convert spline actor to static mesh strange result


I am wondering what is supposed to do “convert spline actor to static mesh”? Because after creating a Spline actor and assigning it a static mesh, when I click on convert, it only create a replication of the static mesh. Is it the normal result? Should it not create a static mesh having the same shape than the spline component?

Thanks for help!

Hey I know this is a bit old but I ran into the same problem recently.

I was right clicking on a spline mesh actor and selecting “convert to static mesh” which would only save out referenced mesh the spline mesh actor was using but not the curved version I created in editor using splines.

I realized that I was not using the right convert tool I had seen used in the spline video Epic put up a while back.

Just needed to use the merge actor tool, not the “convert to static mesh” option. It can be found when right clicking on an actor, a bit further down just under the place / replace actor options, or under Window->Developer Tools->Convert Actors. This grabbed all the spline meshes and kept their shape after converting.

Hope that helps someone as its just a slight difference in wording that threw me off.

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Wow thanks

Thank you, Just saved me hours of headache. :slight_smile:

Great tip! Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!

For Unreal Engine 5, you can use the actor menu.