Convert Selected components to bluprint class issues


i have a static mesh that represent a single floor, and three differents static meshes that represent differents windows types .

if i construct my level using these assets and build the lighting it work without any problem, message or warning .

now if i make a blueprint from that assets using the toolbar meu option “Convert Selected components to bluprint class

and i build the lighting, i have this message :

large actor recieve a pre-shadow and will cause an extreme performance hit unless bcastdynamicshadow is set to false

so my questions are :

  • what this warning message mean ?
  • also the actors that the new BP class was made from are lost, is there a way to roll back?
  • what’s the proper way to group a set of meshes to make them reusable as a whole ?

thanks .

alright guys ,

no one have an idea on the warning message ?

i have made another blueprint that create instanced static meshes procedurally, and got the same message .
what this mean exactly and how to avoid this ?

ok found it,

the instanced mesh was movable, turning it to static fix the problem