Convert pdf into floating, destructible text

Imagine the text of a book or a pdf (including diagrams and math) floating in the air as 3D objects (in the same format/order as the original text).

Imagine you’re Superman and you’re flying around the text/pdf math characters to view it. You can fly far away to view more text at once or fly closer to see more. You can grab/pick up letters or words and move around in them if you decide to fly in the text. You could run inside an O and run around in circles inside of it like Sonic the Hedgehog.

What would you need to do to make this happen?

I notice in pdfs, I can highlight parts of math like you can highlight the long S of an integral. So I am wondering if the math symbol in pdfs are vector based can be destructable objects just like the text. Things like pictures in a pdf would have to say pictures I suppose, maybe like a 3 inch slate that can be broken up into pieces

Try exporting the pdf to dwg. Then use a 3d application such as 3ds max to extrude along the splines generated by the dwg. Then bring it into ue4 as separate pieces and create destructible meshes.

You would then have to set up a damage system to be able to interact with these destructible meshes.