Convert mouse location to world space giving strange results?

Hi everyone,

It’s sometime now i’m trying to make some sort of RTS like camera and like many i tried to use the convertmouse function.
My issue is that it didn’t worked at all, even while following what people were saying or writing in their posts, so i simply displayed the vector results the function was giving me and i was quite annoyed.

First world location was giving a coordonate really close to my pawn and that was varying really a bit if i was simply moving my cursor on the screen, but was moving according to the game movement if i was using controls to run my pawn around with the player controller.

Secondly, the world direction is always returning a null vector (0,0,0) and that seem really wrong. I tried to rotate the pawn, move it, nothing worked.

So i was wondering what i could be doing possibly wrong as the script to display the 2 vectors is pretty simple, basically 3 nods, get player controller then convert and finally display. Not much i can screw on this little script. So what could prevent the function from working correctly in a project to seek for this and maybe solve the issue.

Thank you.