Convert Metahumans shader for Arnold/an external renderer?

Hi, newbie here. Question as above really.
I know you can import the Metahumans rig into Maya with a directx11 shader, how possible/difficult would it be to convert the shader to an Arnold material? I’ve done some poking around in the shader and there are some complexities (eg: the face material fading between different colour/normal maps to accentuate wrinkle) that I wouldn’t even know how to recreate. How possible is it to modify the Metahumans rig to work for an external renderer such as Arnold?

If anyone could shed some light on this situation I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Just note that the metahumans license agreements require rendering in Unreal.

Sorry for not updating this sooner, I had a read of the agreements and realised yesterday. Will be likely pivoting to a multi-platform pipeline where I animate and modify (eg: clothing, hair) the metahuman rig in Maya but still render it out in Unreal. Thanks and sorry for any confusion!

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