Convert maps from UDK for UE4

Is there any way to convert the maps made in UDK for UE4?

No, none of the UDK files are compatible.

Hi Jakoozie,

Unfortunately no, with the updates to the new engine the formats have changed from .upk to .umap. As such you will have to build maps again and/or export assets into another software like blender, turn them into .FBX files (if they aren’t already), and re-import them to the new engine.

Thank you and have a great day!

Going a little deeper, there is any way to convert assets from UT99 map directly? Convert from UT99 for UDK by UT3Converter and then on UDK convert all assets and on blender convert to .fbx, is possible correct?

If i remember right the in original UE1 you could export assets (but im not sure about models) so you don’t need to go thru UDK.

In case of maps, somebody might create some converter in future who knows

Ok, I will see that and by the way, UE4 supports t3d file?