convert Longitude & Latitude data points level.

Hi all, I’m trying to place and scale two longitude and latitude points in the x & y axis in a level. I want one data point to be 0,0, the other will be in the correct location relative to the first. Then scale the distance between the first and second point to the correct distance. I’m not asking much :).

Has anyone successfully made this conversion from map data to the 3d level space?

there’s quite a few tutorials on youtube that do this to make minimaps and world maps

6 video series on how to display 3d data on a 2d map relational to the center/player…fNPnSNCyJhCPDl

on the 3rd of 4th video he shows the math

But for long and lat you’re going to have to do some math…an-coordinates

Yes, we’ve done it for the whole world!

Basically you need to go from lat/lon to ECEF and then to ENU, a.k.a. local tangent plane coordinates.