Convert Level- to ActorSequence

Hey …

I got a question concerning the LevelSequencer / Actor Sequencer.
Is it somehow possible to convert a LevelSeq including the animated Actor intro a BPactor and use the sequence within the actor? I am asking, because i lately played a lot with C4D import and Datasmith.
It all imports fine, but i only can use my animation once - when i duplicate it, all the references to the actors are lost of course.
So my idea was to convert everything to a BPactor ---- but i cant find a way to archive that … Any ideas?

Thank you, best regards…

There’s isn’t a conversion from level sequence to actor sequence at the moment. You could try recreating the animation by copy/pasting the tracks.

Another way is to keep the sequence and rebind the tracks at runtime to the other actors. There’s some documentation here at the end of the page: