Convert key mapping to widget button?

looking for a widget touch input alternative from the keyboard/controller mapping to pick up item I have the inventory setup working fine open and close inventory works spot on but I cant work out how to pickup item I have the keyboard event below how can I copy that and convert it to a touch input for mobile any ideas please?

How do you call the highligted actor?

There’s how I would do, use a line trace to target the actor and then call the interface with as input the actor itself


If everything works switch the input with a custom event, then in the widget add on clicked, the custom event, it should work.
I don t know much about mobile, maybe it s not that simple

Thanks you so much Just set it up now its working no more volume button to pick up :smiley: I knew in my head that it was going to be something simple if the script is already setup ready I just needed that Event to make it work Thanks again SOLVED!!!