Convert Hideous Blueprint for aiming in a 3D SideScroller to Clean(ish) C++?


I would greatly appreciate any pointers (preferably not null though) or general advice on moving this hideous blueprint into C++. I am really just getting the distance/direction to mouse and updating the animation blueprint to face that way. Firing will make use of the settings, but not through this setup.

My stuck points are:

  1. Unsure how to access the ‘UE4ASP_HeroTPP_AnimBlueprint’ in C++

  2. Unsure of how to access variables assigned to such things (a float named ‘Pitch’ is defined in the Animation Blueprint through Editor)

  3. Side Question: Can Editor declared & defined variables be access in C++ without an obscene amount of work?

Additionally: I am aware Event Tick is also an ugly way to handle this. I am using Blueprints to feel my way around, then C++ to ‘solidify’ things. :slight_smile: