Convert BluePrint to C++

I see FirstPerson template, and have :


  • FirstPersonCharacter
  • FirstPersonProjectile

And if you see in event graph, not show nothing


  • MyProjectCharacter
  • MyProjectProjectile

And if you see in visual studio, shows all information about comunicate MyProjectCharacter class + MyProjectProjectile class

How you can pass FirstPersonCharacter (BP) to MyProjectCharacter (C++) ?

Who can tell me how to turn the blueprints to c ++?, Or the class was written from the beginning?

It is not yet a feature, so for now you have to do it manually.

Thanks rrstuv I read this post : Blueprints vs C++ | Shooter Tutorial , I will use c++ :smiley:

Hi rrstuv I combined Blueprints with c++ (characterPerson) is so fun :smiley:

If I recall correctly, there is a way to convert blueprints to C++ (Blueprint to C++ Translating Tool! - C++ Gameplay Programming - Unreal Engine Forums, but I believe Epic is still working on creating a better way to convert.