Convert Blueprint Class to static mesh

I’m creating a minecraft clone, and for the landscape i created a blueprint actor to the production of the terrain be more easy. But, i want to put the foliage i created in the blueprint, and i cant do that. So the idea i had was convert the blueprint to static mesh, how i can do that?

I’m sorry for the bad English

This is a image from the blueprint

Just right click on it and choose ‘merge actors’.

I already did that. When i merge and place in map, it is just one cube

It’s LODding!


Ok. Well, I think you might have to change you BP ( is it BP? ) to replace all the components with static meshes. Then you can do the right click thing after that…

yes, it’s BP. How i can do that?

Sorry for the late reply. It’s best to quote otherwise nobody gets a notification.

You BP is already putting meshes at certain locations right? So it’s a pretty minor mod to enable it to just leave them in the viewport as static meshes.

Then you can just selected them all and convert.

I’m sorry, I’m new to forums.
So you telling me that i have to put some meshes in map and after that merge all together? If is this, the result will be the same as what I had already shown.
And I want to make the blueprint a static mesh to put foliages more quickly, with the “foliage” tool. As far as I know, you can’t use this tool on a BP


Yes, foliage tool works on BP as of recently: