Convert All 2D points to 3D points

I need 2 or more images for visual correspondence.

So I need 2 2D images and their corresponding 3D points.

I know there is ‘DeprojectScreenToWorld’ but I just return 1 point.

I’m trying to get corresponding all 3D points to 2D points at viewport.

And they must be exported to json or text or something like {(0, 0), (1,2,3)}, {(0,1), (1,1,4)} …

Is there any way to do this with Unreal?

Yes… but not really. If you’re talking about doing this on a 1920x1080 viewport, then you’ll be doing 2073600 line traces, and storing 2073600 pairs of Vector2Ds and Vectors. It’s just too expensive for Blueprints. I think you would be best off doing it with C++, so then you could gradually write your results to a file instead of trying to store a ton of vectors in RAM and then dumping that to a file.

I tried to make it with Blueprints, but it just locks up the Editor and consumes tons of RAM.

Also, no matter how urgent your need may be, PLEASE DON’T DOUBLE-POST! It just fills this forum with spam, and makes people want to help you less

How to get 3D points from Screen?

I apologize to double post, I removed it right after reading your post.

I don’t need 2073600 traces concurrently, Just sequentially doing is fine like iteration (for, while…)

And actual size would become 800 x 600 maybe…

I want to use that data for deeplearning.

So, which blueprint is needed to do this? I started UE4 just few days ago, so I have no idea with it.