Convert Actors from scene to another Actor as ChildActorComponents

Hello everyone
I’m working with procedural dungeon generator. I have dungeon generator BP, which is places selected number of rooms. Every room - it’s a blueprint, child of BM_MasterRoom, which is conssist of another BlueprintActor’s (as child actor component) - BP_TileGenerator. This actor consist of a one single plane mesh, and via a lot of settings can select random material for himself. To make new room, (child of BP_MasterRoom), I need to create this actor, then add inside of him a lot of ChildActors component, and set them all to BP_TileGenerator class (in this way I can made desired architecture for each room). Everything works fine, I have nice rooms with pre-made architecture and random material selection. But here is the problem: it’s taking a lot of time to make it via blueptint editor. So I want to place all my BP_TileGenerator actors on level, change settings, then select them all and press magic button, which will create actor, and will place all selected actors to him as ChildActor Components. Can I make something similar via bleprints? via C++? How? Thank you. .