Convert a Datasmith Import to Blueprint Actor

With Datasmith i imported a step file.
Now i want to make changes in the hierarchy, because i want to animate something.

Is it possible to convert the DatasmitSceneActor to a normal UE4 Actor Blueprint?

I read that datasmith imports all your static meshes into the geometries folder. So, you can create an actor, add a static mesh component to that actor and then set that static mesh component to be one of the static meshes imported by datasmith ?

I have not actually done this but it stands to reason?

Thats certainly a way to do this when you got a small number of objects. But i got a model with hundreds of them and a complex hierarchy. So rebuilding this in a Blueprint Actor is sadly not an option…

It seems from the documentation that your meshes should be being imported and added to the scene as actors? The documentation goes on to say this:-
‘If you want to remove existing elements from the scene (as shown in the examples above), or add new elements, you can do this through the DatasmithSceneElementBase in Python, or the Datasmith > Scene nodes in Blueprint. For example, you could re-shuffle the hierarchy of Actors by removing them and re-adding them under different parents.’

It seems that it is certainly possible and if your naming scheme is modular it looks as though you might be able to automate it with custom blueprints. Not sure that I am telling you anything new here but I thought I might as well mention it.

As I say, I have only just started looking at the datasmith option - My son is the modeller and I more of a programming type. I have been combining his meshes for movement but came across datasmith just the other day and am thinking of giving it a try to see if it is helpful.

Ahh cool, you work together with your son? Yeah its the alfso for me the first time with Datasmith…

I got a DatasmithSceneActor. Groups seems to be just Actors and StaticMeshs are added to a group as StaticMeshActors


I tried to create a Blueprint from a group, But the components of the group are empty, so this grouping exist only in the world…

Unreal Studio is powerfull and I certainly can script the import. The problem is, that I just have a STEP File and no CAD-Software… For Now…

Anyway, one workaround I did for a door:

  • select all parts of the door in the World Outliner
  • Right-Click and “Convert Actors to Static Mesh”
  • Now I can create a BP_Actor with a SceneComponent and the created Static Mesh as child…
  • Then I need to position the BP_Actor right…

So maybe this is helping anyone, for my project this is enough…

Coming in a couple years now after the OP.

Is it still not possible to import a file via Datasmith and then convert the selected portions (or the whole thing) into a separate blueprint where functionality can be compartmentalized?

Hello All,
Same here, I’m trying to script the import to mimic “import into level” functionnality, but editor utilities seems to don’t allow that.
Any progress on it ?

I am trying to do the same thing. Any change on this issue? Somebody have a solution?

I was having the same problem with converting a datasmith import into a blueprint actor. I want to be able to selectively spawn different components of the datasmith import. Has anyone had any luck with this problem?