Conversation2D Plugin

Plugin for Unreal Engine that provides a user friendly customized details panel and a widget editor to create conversation dialogues.

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Discord: Conversation2D Plugin
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  • Multiple choices to branch conversation
  • Animated images
  • Animated text
  • Dynamic dialogue text
  • Conditions for choices
  • Can run custom event for each dialogue / each choice
  • Customized details panel to edit and preview dialogues
  • Customizable UI

Version 2.0 supports flipbook!
Version 3.0 supports multiple choices!
Version 4.0 supports dynamic dialogue text and conditions!
Version 5.0 supports Android!








Stay tuned! Animated images are coming up next.

Update v2.0

Added flipbook support for dialogue UI.


Stay tuned! Multiple choices are coming up next!

Updated video link

Price of the plugin has been changed! 10 usd discount for a while!

What do you guys think about this plugin? Is it useful? If not, what can be added to make it useful?

I have yet to purchase the plugin, but seeing this topic being so empty, I felt the need to comment on it. Mainly because your plugin comes close to what I’m looking for. So far it looks amazing and really easy to implement, change and add to. Your comment on the purchase page says you’re gonna implement a choice option. Could you tell something about what you have in mind for this?

Hello @Fronkol. Thank you for showing interest in the plugin. What I meant for choice option is to make the system non linear. Right now there is a list of dialogues that is being shown one after the other. I am planning to give players options to choose the direction of conversations. So the NPC might ask a question and player will choose an answer and depending on the answer different dialogues will be shown. I will start working on this feature in early 2019.

Sounds perfect! Can’t wait to have that included in the plugin.

Will let you know when it’s done :slight_smile:

Submitted a new version for 4.21

A new version for 4.21 is ready to be downloaded in marketplace

Started working on non linear (Multiple choices) version of the plugin. Here is a screenshot that shows how it will look like.

Added Discord link:

Submitted new version that will include multiple choices feature. Waiting for approval.

Update v3.0

Added multiple choices.



Hello! I’m very interested in the plugin. My question is. Can you do something like change a variable depending on the choice in a dialogue? Or play an event when the dialogue is over? I want to use this for my 3d sidescroller and looks sexy and easy to use. So i’m interested

Thank you for showing interest for the asset. Every dialogue has an event that you can run a custom code. You can change a variable in those events.


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Update v4.0


  • Dynamic dialogue text (variables can be used in dialogues)
  • Conditions for choices (Basic condition system to lock some choices if player doesn’t have enough stats)
  • Choice events (Run your own code depending on what choice player makes)