Convenience Store Modular Pack | Out Now |


I created a modular pack to build convenience stores, dress up existing gas stations, grocery shops, or similar.
Here is a little presentation video:

Marketplace link:


It comes with 24 ready-to-use Construction Blueprints, that you can simply drag into your map and choose from plenty of customization options.

For example, you can drop in a shelf and either let it empty, or populate it with a lot products in just seconds. Or change the colors of your shopping baskets, the floor tiles, wallpaper or what kind of beverages should be in your cooler. There are quite a few more possibilities.

This ships also with a ice cream cooler, display merchandiser, drink machines, hot dog grill, ATM with animated welcome screen, cash register and more.

The asphalt and sidewalks can be vertex painted.

Let me know if you have any questions!

So it’s released now!

Go and get it here!

Because some people asked about the bottle shader in the cooler…
I’ve written that into the documentationas well, that this uses** no expensive translucent forward shading** to achieve the refractive liquid effect. This shader is almost as fast, as a simple pbr shader.

Here are two screenshots. One with the shader complexity mode enabled.

Getting this for sure next time there is a sale! (if ever?) Looks great!

You can get it on the Black Friday Sale, with a 50% discount!


By popular request, all 178 shelf products are now included as separate models, that can be placed by hand.

Now 30% off at Spring Sale!!! Grab it while it’s cheap!! :smiley: