Controls for drone camera work when I press Play, but not when I launch the project

Hello! I am building a game where the player controls a drone like camera that flies around the scene. The controls work fine when I test it in the viewport, but If if launch the project they do nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Here are some screenshots of my blueprints for the controls, and the project file.

Langford.uproject (164 Bytes)

double check your gameplay mode, and select your playercharacter actor in viewport>Detail panel>look for Pawn tab>set Auto Possesses Player to 0:

What should I be looking for in the gameplay mode? Sorry, the is the first time I have ever made a player character from scratch. Thanks.

  1. Create a new blueprint game mode base.
  2. Open it and set Default Pawn to your drone player.
  3. From world setting panel, set the gamemode override to your new gameplay mode:
  4. Set the Default Pawn Class to your drone player.
  5. Double check from Project Setting>Map and Modes and do the same thing:
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