Controls all messed up when switching camera

Hi! I have placed a camera with a box trigger so when my third person character steps on it, the main camera switches to the camera affected by the trigger (just like in old horror games like silent hill). I used this video as a reference

Now when the camera angle switches (from the main third person camera to the camera angle), my character doesn’t move in the direction of the arrows. If I enter the box trigger area from the right then D (I’m using the w,a,s,d keys to move the character) is the key to move forward. If I enter the trigger from the left then A is the key to move forward. Of course, I don’t want that. The guy in the commentaries section is having the same issue, and Markus Höll gave him an answer but It’s vague and I don’t understand how to make this work. Here’s a quote of his reply:

“that’s because the “control-rotation” of your PlayerCharacter-Movement differs from the new camera rotation - this makes it of course feel weird when you try to move. If you want to adjust the movement rotation to the new camera perspective, you can fix that in a simple way by calling “SetControlRotation” of your “PlayerController” and use the value of “GetWorldRotation” from your new CameraComponent. Which means, the control rotation of your player controller gets adjusted by the rotation of the new camera.”

How am I supposed to do that? My camera triggers are set up in my lvl blueprint, here’s what it looks like.

Bump, I REALLY need help. :frowning:

Hey there. I recorded a video that might help you out a bit. I moved the placement of the overlap zone and camera into a blueprint but most of the logic is the same.

Let me know if you have any more trouble.



Oh my gosh the unreal community is amazing :eek::eek::eek: Thank you for making this video, that solved my issue!