ControlRig Animator: Workflow Tools WIP

Hello everyone, I have started a new personal project to improve the animation tools in Unreal for use in film.
I’ll be sharing my progress here so you may follow along.

With ControlRig we now have the ability to (more easily) create films directly inside of unreal, but it’s still in it’s infancy and has a long way to go.

I’m still new to Unreal Engine, but have been developing tools for animation for many years, building this suite of tools is my way of learning Unreal while also giving back to the community.

Control Rig Selector

Channel Box

Constraint Tool



I’m also making animations in Unreal. So I really look forward to this project.

I’d like to see updates on this. This is on the way to being great.

Part 4 is up now which is a simple Constraint component with corresponding UI

Part 5 is up with a customized resizable timeline

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ooo this stuff is awesome! any updates?

Works been crazy this year and a new baby on the way so not recently, but I have been chipping away at the control rig character UI.
Hopefully have that one up in a couple of months.

congrats on the baby!
if you ever need testers let me know!