Controlling Visibility on Multiple Cameras at Once


Firstly, this is for Virtual Production so the concept here is I have Multiple viewports that show a different cameras for our stage. I can switch between them but the issue right now is at times I want to hide some specific actors or objects in the scene at run time. Hiding in the level editor view works for my main viewport but the other cameras still see what is in the scene.

The Question:
How can I, through Blueprints, call hide on objects that will work for all cameras in my scene? I am wondering if I need to make a custom Player Camera Manager Class that holds all my cameras and then maybe I can set visibility for everything through that? If anyone has some ideas on how to approach this or point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate any discussion on this topic!

A manager class can be the “owner” so owner no see could be made to work that way.

If this is for production and you don’t need 60fps - perhaps even if you do - wouldn’t it be better to add a material function on all materials that just makes the object disappear?

That’ll work on all cameras at all times without anything “special” so to speak.
And can be changed at runtime with blueprint too.

Hi, thanks for the reply. The material idea is pretty good. I will explore that as I could always turn that on/off. I do have full scenes that this might be difficult do to the amount of assets, but still programmable. Thanks for suggestion!

If your scene doesn’t use a master material, yes it gets complicated indeed.

Maybe you can swap material at runtime for your purpose.

You would need to build a manager that remembers the old material per object and allows you to swap it back.
This would only work when the engine is in play mode though.
So not sure if that’s helpful.

Potentially, you could make a Bluetility script that does it in editor.
Except I don’t think BP has access to change the material unless it’s at runtime - you would need to try and see…

Just hiding at run time is really what I am looking for. I do need the ability to change the material on specific actors selected by the operator at any time. I would eventually like this to work for anything the operator selects, but depending on how flexible I make this will allow for better control.

IDK, Maybe you can try to toggle Visible In Game via BP and get the same result faster.