Controlling visibility of house interiors in open-world game


I’m building an open-world level and trying to figure out an optimization strategy to allow the most detail possible at high framerate. On previous games, I was able to use portals to toggle the visibility of house interiors when doors are opened or to toggle visibility through windows based on the camera’s distance to the window, etc.

I’m trying to figure out if there’s an easy way to do this in Unreal, or if we’d need to write our own system to do this. I know we can use pre-computed visibility to help occlude exteriors when you’re inside of a building, but that doesn’t allow for logic that turns things off based on distance or the state of Actors like doors.

Is there a streamlined way to do this that works out of the box?


I’d like know how to turn landscape actors off when inside an interior.

I guess u could add a trigger volume that enables the objects inside to render, so if the character gets into it’s area it is visible and if he leaves it will disappear.

U could also have some extreme LODs instead, where in a set distance the objects are barely an object at all, like a plane for example

You could separate your house model’s interior from the exterior and stream it in when the door opening event triggers. Check out the content examples project that you can download for free from the market. One of the maps is dedicated to level streaming.

Aggressive LoDs that only render the interior when you get close to it would also work.