Controlling two pawns at once?

Okay. Not sure how much this might help but let’s see.

“RiftCameraPlayer” is my default pawn as specified in the world settings. This is where my game starts. “Playable character” is a copy of that character placed as an actor in the world.

and “LeftRight” are variables I created inside of RiftCameraPlayer to help coordinating movement for the second pawn, but shouldn’t be necessary.

Agh I got it working! I just need to have the second player rotate when you move the right stick. I have that set up in the player 2 blueprint, but activating it in the level blueprint is tricky.

I’m so close! SO CLOSE!

You should be able to set up a custom event (movement) on the second player that is triggered by an input from the first player. Also I just realized how dirty the blueprint was in my screenshot… mix and matching nodes when testing leads to me forgetting to do some cleanup. Here is a better shot cleaned up.

Okay I think I understand. Im just curious as to what those two noded coming off ‘cast to riftcameraplayer’ are. Is that a converter? I cant find that node!

Hopefully one last bump!