Controlling the progression of a sequencer

Hi everyone! Is there a way to control the progression of a sequencer in play (using for example the slide of a MIDI controller) 0 is the beginning 1 is the end? I explain myself, moving the slider I’d like to control the progression of the frames in the sequencer. Ty in advance

Hey, @iakkm! What kind of event are you trying to pull off with the sequencer? Are you trying to manipulate time for objects like in Prince of Persia or Braid, or something else? Also, are you wanting to use blueprints for this, or C++?

Hi, I’m basically building a live performance using Xsens and other stuff. While the DJ (dressing xsens) is performing I’d like to use the pitch blend (or slider or everything else) from his MIDI controller to drive a sequencer. I mean. If the slider is at 0 the sequencer it’s at 0, while he moves the slider I’d like to be able to control the frame progression of the sequencer synced with the progression of the slider movement. I did some tests with the setplaybackposition function but I’ve not reached the desired result yet (a smooth frame progression controlled with the MIDI). Ty in advance

I attach the custom function that I’m trying to use. (The MIDI is correctly mapped and I managed to build correctly everything before this particular issue). I tried play, play to, scrub, jump, every function possible linkable with the setplaybackposition. I also did some tests with the pause function because at the moment (with play function or play to) the sequencer start with the MIDI but I’ve not control over it as I aim.

Hey, @iakkm! Have you tried using timelines (Here’s a video on them!) with your sequencer? Here is a video that combines the concepts. Also if you use a percentage value of your slider 0-1 being 0/1 * 100 all the way to 1/1 * 100 and multiplying that value bt the value gotten from node “Get Timeline Length”, that should get you relatively near the exact position you are looking for on your slider.

I’m not getting how to sync the playing of the timeline with the playing of the sequencer, still stucked on the problem I had before. I mean, my problem is not to map correctly the params, my problem is how to connect those params into the correct node to drive the sequencer.