Controlling the chunks of a destructible mesh?

Hi all,

Been giving a little time to trying to get this to work but can’t find a way at the moment. But I am trying to get the chunks of a destructible mesh to come back towards the player after exploding out. I have the whole mesh coming towards the player but all the pieces stay fractured and spread out but move with the player.

Is there a way of gaining access to the chunks the mesh splits up into through BP?


I don’t think there is a way … as I understand it, these items become physics objects but I am not aware of anyway you can control them.

I went through the examples documentation and didn’t see anything there: Destructibles Content Examples.

I didn’t see anything in the Destructible Properties Matrix either.

I may have missed something though … although if I understand your requirements … you could probably do another physics force on the other side of the player and trigger that to force the objects back towards the player … I think this is what you are asking. 8-}