Controlling the camera of character BP within level sequence causes character BP to jump up to the sky

UE4.17 and UE4.18

win 10

I created a character BP and added a cine camera component and then created a level sequence and added character to it .

now if I select character BP to be the current view port of level sequence and right click on view port to move camera every thing goes well but If I change the height of cine camera component from character BP and try the same as soon as I right click on view port character BP jumps up to the sky and I cannot control it.

does not any body care about this issue?

if somebody pays attention I will send a video to proof it

Bug Video

Epic watch it please :(((((((((((((((((



I was able to reproduce the issue mentioned above, and have gone ahead and logged it in our bug tracker. If you would like to keep an eye on it in our public tracker, you can do so here. If you have any other questions regarding the issue above, feel free to reopen this thread.

-Thank you

Hi Mr R.

as there is no a specified target fix for this issue yet I wanted to mention that the Description of this issue and also steps to reproduce it are wrong.

I sent a video about it which seems to be different from UE-52474

this issue is a crucial part of our project I thought it would be fixed in 4.19 but there is no target fix yet


This is not an issue within just sequencer, but instead a bug in the general editor. This is going to lead to a few differences on the ticket.


Hi .

it’s like everybody has forgotten this issue for a long time :wink: