Controlling Skeletal Mesh

I don’t have much experience in Unreal but have picked it up to participate in a group project, the past few weeks I’ve managed blueprint a simple tank turret that looks at the mouse. However now that hte artists have finished the tank asset which includes rigging. I was wondering what an easy way would be to implement it to my exisiting code, I have tried adding the skeletal mesh to my blueprint but it doesnt allow me to acces each bone which is what moves the turret, Ive read online the past 2 days that animation blueprints are the way to go, but I don’t know where to start with them. Thank you in advance.

I have worked on similar thing.
Best approach is to create and Aim offset . Which you will blend with your animation in Anim graph of animation blueprint.

AimOffset how to

Aimoffset info