Controlling Sequencer Play Ranges with Blueprints

I’d appreciate some help with a durational work I’m making for a gallery. I’m using 4.16.

I’m trying to create a blueprint system that scales a Sequence containing key frames over x days, depending on the length of the exhibition. On this occasion, the work will be shown for around 9 hours a day over 11 days.

My sequence file has keyframes animated over 11 days (of 9 hour viewings), or 21,384,000 frames at 60fps.

When I use custom variables to change the sequence start and end frame at run time, the sequence is at a different stage compared to the original timeline.

For example, if I enter a starting value of 1,944,000 frames into a ‘Set Playback Position’ or ‘Set Play Range’ node, I get a different result compared to scrubbing to that same frame value on the sequencer timeline.

I have two questions.

  1. Why is there a discrepancy between setting the start frame via blueprint nodes and when the events take place on the sequencer timeline?

  2. Even if this works – will all of my keyframes scale to fit a new play range? Would, for example, the keyframes be equidistant on a 100 and 100000 frame sequence?

Thanks in advance!


I figured this out after lots of swearing and a rebuild in 4.17. I changed the Time Snapping Interval to 1sec (was originally 60FPS) in Sequencer, then updated my widget nodes so that they were calculating seconds not frames. (In my case, basically removing a ‘multiply float by 60’ node).

Edit: also had to update to 4.17 to get this to work. 4.16 wouldn’t work.