Controlling player acceleration

I am having trouble with the player acceleration in the 2d paper template. When I change the number(var player acceleration), it will only react if the number is positive or negative(for direction) and if it’s 0<x<1. The weird part is there is a max acceleration. So I assume this means the acceleration is not constant and the acceleration is accelerating. What I would like is increase the acceleration rate because the character moves to slow in the beginning and it feels sluggish. Like your walking through mud until you get to max speed. Thanks

well idk if this might help. but for a characters speed is in the character movement in the details panel which u get by just clicking on ur chacter model

Hi, I can’t located a character “speed” variable within the character movement component.

I don’t know how this is for 2D characters, but if they have a CharacterMovementComponent you can use this. Otherwise ignore me ):

When you select the “CharacterMovementComponent”, you can find variables like “MaxWalkSpeed” which is the maximum Speed the Player can reach.
For the muddy effect you could try changing the “GroundFriction”. There is also “MaxAcceleration”.

Check out the API for the Component:

If you move your mouse over the left panel

to check if variables are exposed to the Blueprints.