Controlling multiple meshes with a single box trigger

I’m trying to create a way in which I can toggle on and off a room full of meshes when I press the X key on my keyboard.

My thought process behind this was going to be creating a box trigger that will enable input when entered, then any object found in the trigger box being toggled. However, I have no idea how to control multiple objects in the trigger box, could someone please provide me with some pointers in how I can do this with blueprints?

You should google for “unreal blueprint comminication”

There is tutorial that does almost exactly what you want.

Is there not a way I could do this via triggers? I’m going to be having rooms filled with multiple meshes that I don’t want to have spend time with creating blueprints out of.

In Unity I’d simply create a trigger box and collect anything inside the trigger then toggle those. Is there anyway I can do similar in Blueprints?

I believe the tutorial Newrot mentioned is here:

Check out videos 5, 8 and 9.

For what you’re trying to achieve, a blueprint interface, or event dispatcher would do the trick. =)

Well, I don’t know how it would work in Unity. However, one way you could do this would be to assign a tag to the actors you’d like to toggle, by selecting them all and typing a tag in the “Details” panel. - See image below.
Then use the method outlined here as a guide:

Not sure it would be the most optimal solution though. ;o)

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