Controlling multiple lights with a box trigger

Total n00b here, so I apologize if this question seems very basic. I’m coming to UE4 from cinema 4d, and am currently switching to UE4 for rendering animations. Still getting my feet wet in the Blueprint department.

So I have a scene containing a number of point lights that I would like to control using a box trigger (see attached image). What I want to do is sweep the box trigger over the lights and have them turn on when inside of it. This would save me a whole lot of keyframing. I’m looking at tutorials, but can’t quite get my head around this one yet. Any help would be grand.

Create a blueprint for each light then set a box trigger in the light blueprint that activates Visibility on overlap. Or you could do the opposite and create a Blueprint with a box trigger then on overlap cast to the lights and make them visible or not.