Controlling matinee play rate so it matches up with my world Clock

Hey guys I’m trying to port over my weather + day/night system from UDK3 which was made with matinee:

But I wanted to take it a step further in UE4 by having a world clock that it was based on rather than the default/set playrate:

Note* The sun adjustment in the video with the clock was done with the default bp_skysphere that Epic provided, which is great and all, but I’d like to use matinee for this if possible as my setup is a bit more complex + it’s what I’m used to/more comfortable with.

Onto the Issue:
So for example if the player rests for an hour aka current time +1 hour (I used integer variables for my clock called Hour, Minutes, and Seconds), then the matinee would adjust accordingly as well. Problem is that I don’t know of a way to do that atm. Is there a way to control it’s play rate so that it always matches correctly with my clock?

I have today and tomorrow free, so if possible I’d like to figure this out soonish rather than later if possible. So I came here to ask if anyone had attempted something similar to this or if someone could offer some advice.

I have an answers post on this as well just to cover all my options for help. You can find it here (In case I get an answer there for future people attempting this or something similar):

To clarify, what I’m trying to accomplish is, instead of changing how fast or slow the matinee progresses through the sequence (via adjusting the Play Rate), telling the matinee what percentage through the sequence it should be. So in my case, if it’s noon, i can give the matinee 0.5, as some kind of input, and it can change anything I’ve given it control over to the appropriate state (ie: position of sun, color of certain lights, etc).

I am aware that this can be done with Timelines, but I have much more experience with Matinee and if at all possible, I would like to use it.

Hmm so I take it that no one has anything to offer on this? I mean does this seem impossible to do atm?

If so maybe I should do a suggestion for it if the idea of what I want is even possible. Can I get any Unreal/Epic guys to comment on this? Thanks for your time in advance :slight_smile: