Controlling Intermediate File Directory ?

Currently the Projects and Code ( when using “Open Visual Studio” ) insist on putting themselves into the User Document Directory, which in my case resides on a drive which i’m trying to keep as unfragmented as possible. Hence i would like to offload as much work as possible onto other drives.

I would like to be able to control where Visual Studio writes Intermediate Files ( obj etc ), but the “Intermediate Directory” setting inside the “Configuration Properties/General” tab of the GameCode’s Property Pages does not actually appear to be used when building.

Is there another way to control where the compile process puts intermediate files ?

You can put projects anywhere. They just default to the User’s directory. If you click the arrow to the right of the project name, you can change the directory.

Oh, thanks - good to know :).

I suppose there is no simple way to fully control the intermediate file directory, without modifying something like the UnrealBuildTool ?