Controlling elongated cartoonish eyes?

I’m doing characters with cartoonish eyes which are basically elongated spheres.

However, I’m wondering what the best way to control the iris is? Back in 3dsm I use space warps to make sure the iris does not clip through the sphere, but travels along its elongated shape perfectly, however I’m not sure Unreal Engine has anything similar.

Would it be better to just do the irises as a texture and then moving the UVs somehow?

Is there some space-warp equivalent thing in Unreal Engine?


Why not just texture the iris+pupil onto the eyeball mesh itself? Then all you have to do is rotate the eye mesh.

Gamedev is all about knowing how to avoid the complex stuff :smiley:

@enos - the problem with that is an ovoid body kinda egg shaped ] would, at extreme angles, cut through the mesh of the face.

@gmi - i’ve been working on something similar. i would think that something like a mesh for the iris tied to the rotation of a bone and set up a set driven key with the pupil mesh constrained to the surface of the eyeball. this is maya stuff, though i would think that it would export as an animation that could be blended at runtime in unreal since the pupil mesh would be driven by the rotation of the control bone and keyframed.

Some work with Eyeball Pupil Material over here. I’ve recommended using a FlipbookTexture.

Yeah i think the bone idea could work although maybe not so great in the unreal environment. If you just want to do it for a matinee sequence probably would be ok, if you want it dynamic perhaps just put it on the socket and then clamp its movement so that it’s constrained within the eye

Thanks for the replies guys!

@, ghost mummy explained the issue well. Simply rotating the eye would work if the eye was completely spherical. However, try imagining a egg shaped eye or something similar to these even and you should see that things will quickly get messy if they’re simply rotated.

@ghost_mummy, that might just work. I’ll have to give the bone method a try. Thanks.

@TechLord , Thanks. Very interesting, will have to look into this more closely tomorrow. But would I “move” the iris by switching between different flipbook “frames” for each of its positions?