Controlling dino spawn qauntities.

We are using the following modifier in our servers ini file:


I would like to modify the cave spawning only so I can return it to 1.0 as I don’t feel those spawns need to be boosted.

Is this possible to do this within the configuration or am I going to have to make a mod that adjusts the cave spawners directly?

I think, if you want to change the cave spawn rate only, you have to change the cave-spawn-volume-values in a mod and install this mod on your server.

That’s what it looked like to me but I wanted to ask to be sure.

The max desired spawn values are configured in the map NPC spawn manager themselves.

So 3 choices :

  1. edit the map and recook it (big mod as you can’t tweak parts of a map only )
  2. ask the devs to make caves excluded from the multiplier through code.
  3. nerf bats with a mod to make swarms less brutal

Well, I think the ideal would be per zone/biome multipliers as well as the global.