Controlling coordinates of an object via code or external controllers for live production


What I’m trying to do, ultimately, is take coordinate data from an external source and feed it into UE5 to automatically update the coordinates (mostly just pitch, yaw, and roll) of an object in UE5.

The more specifics is that I am hoping to look around in minecraft, and send that data to an instance of UE5, and have the camera look around.

Lets assume my team is able to export the data from minecraft, and translate it into data that UE5 can understand.

Where should I begin on the UE5 front? What should I research to start building some ideas? What is used to take position data from physical productions, and translate it to camera movements in UE? Could LiveLink maybe play a part in this?
Maybe I can emulate a controller and trick UE into thinking the stream of coordinate data coming in is from a controller that is plugged in?

This is mostly a shot in the dark, tossing ideas into the ring kind of post. Unless there’s a clear solution to my question, I’m more than happy to just bounce ideas at what my options COULD potentially be, or any tips on what I could start researching.

If there’s any questions or more detail needed, I’m happy to get as detailed as needed.

Looking forward to hearing some thoughts and ideas!