Controlling character without possessing it

Hi! Simple question here (or maybe not that simple?..). I decided migrating my prototype VR game from unity to unreal engine and already facing some early issues due to the biased engine restricting you to possess a character, using its camera etc…

I’m making a VR platformer and multiplayer game where the camera is meant to be free, actually different options:

  • following the character position but controller smooth/snap turns.
  • free locomotion with teleporting.
    To avoid being stuck with having the camera inside the character I’m possessing the VR Camera instead and it works, at least for the moment.

My first question is, will this method make my life difficult with the implementation of multiplayer or other things later on?
And also as “get player pawn” gets me the VR camera, what would be the best method to avoid :get all actors of class" but still being able to call my character without something expensive? This is mainly for setting up my player controllers with BP interface.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The multiplayer have a fair level of difficulty, i dont think this setup is any worse than other, just different.

“For get the reference of the character”
you just need to create the reference once, and than saving it you can communicate with the other blueprint without “getting all actors everytime”

The best ever method can be, VR camera spawn the character and save the reference, (this will work until you destroy the character completely)
Or the gamemode- can be (should be?) the one who spawn the characters and pass the reference (When actor destoyed , always the gamemode will take care of respawn and reset reference)

Making the spawning into the gamemode was what I had in mind, so seems like the good path to me, it’s a bit the way I set it up in my previous version in unity. As the character gets destroyed, respawned etc…

I’ve already been coding a fair bit of multiplayer behaviours with unity (in C#) but blueprints and the logic with UE seems very narrowed to… “you’ve got to make it that way otherwise you’ll have a hard time”, just wanted to make sure I’m not getting to a bad path. But thanks for your answers!