Controlling camera post process settings

How do you adjust just one variable in a camera ‘Post Process Settings’ struct? If I break this struct you get hundreds of pins. I only want to set a lerp on the DOF ‘Focal Distance’ and ‘Scale’ pins. Do I have to join all the outs of a break to all the ins of a make? (I’m sure I don’t). If it’s about casting then please tell me how casting works - I just don’t get it.



Check this post and the thread as well:

Thanks Jacky - I just worked it out actually - It was casting but I was trying to cast to a post process volume rather than the component or something like that. It still makes me scratch my head. Casting seems to be able to do a lot - I can’t work out the full scope of it though and it seems a bit hit and miss choosing which casting target to select.