Controlling blueprint parameters in game through widgets

Hi! I am working on a project that’s pretty similar to an in-game level editor. I have some blueprints with parameters that change the scale, rotation, etc. I just cant find a way to control theses parameters through instanced widgets. What I need to figure out is how I can create a widget that goes along with the instances I drag and drop from the UI. I’d like to be able to control my blueprints in game.

Right now, I have a function that lets me drag and drop the blueprints into the world. On click events are enabled too, so I’m access the blueprint through that.

This video is the closest to what I am trying to achieve. They’re able to access a unique widget for each house placed. Any ideas?

Thanks! I sort of get what youre saying, it’s guided me towards the right direction I think. I just figured out a way to create widgets WHEN the blueprint is spawned. This way, each blueprint has its own controller widget. What I cant figure out now is how to take the values of the sliders and change the values of their blueprints. It doesn’t seem to connect?

From the photos:

  1. First I drag and drop a blueprint from the UI as usual

  2. The blueprint creates a widget. This lets me work on existing blueprints that I placed in the editor

  3. The widget should affect the blueprint when I change the slider, but nothing seems to happen. Where do I link the variables for the slider? in the blueprint or the widget?