Controlling Animation Blueprint using Events

Hi All,
This is probably a simple question, but im having no luck getting this to work. I have Animation Blueprint which has a slate machine inside. This controls a up and down motion of a piece of geometry (the animation is alittle mo complex, but basically thats all it is) Inside the slate machine i have a variable called PlayAnim which is a simple Bool. if this is true the animation play, false then it doesn’t.
This anim blueprint is attached to a normal actor blueprint.
I have another blueprint which contains an Overlap event (ie a Button) and when this is pressed (overlapped) i wont to change the value of the “PlayAnim” Bool inside the Animation blueprint.The reason for this is to make sure each state animation is fully played before playing the next anim.

Does anybody know an easy way todo this ?,

You can get direct access to the animation blueprint from your parent blueprint by doing this:

Get Mesh (Your skeletal mesh) → Get Anim Instance → Cast to YourAnimationBlueprint → Access your variables

That should give you a good starting point.

Hi Denny, thanks for that but i still don’t seem to be able to get it to talk between Blueprints ?

I’ve added a Custom event to the chain in the Button Blueprint… OnOverLap → Cast to → Custom Event

But all i get is a cast Failed Result

Fixed it, i was being an idiot and did pick which platform to call