Controlling an Empty Character

I’d like to know how I can control an Empty Character. Say I’ve started a Default level in a Blank blueprint project. I’ve deleted the Player Start actor and placed an Empty Character on the default floor. In Details with the Empty Character selected, I’ve only changed a minimum of values that seemed should allow me to control the character with the keyboard and mouse. These are only what I set:

Pawn > Auto Possess Player > Player 0
Pawn > AI Controller Class > PlayerController
Auto Receive Input > Player 0.

And when I play in the editor viewport I take the perspective of the Empty Character, but I can’t move it! :frowning: For now I just want to get to a point where I can move it (preferably with mouse to look and keyboard for direction) and fall off the floor…

Is it much more involved, or did I not change the right settings?

I couldn’t find any section in the UE4 documentation to show me how to do just that “basic” thing. :confused:

Gave up and started a first person project. Probably wasn’t the optimal way to do it but took out the hand mesh from the blueprint and gave the crosshair a 0.0 max alpha in the texture editor for the crosshair.

I have something now that resembles what I originally wanted, something that not only walks but also falls! Big milestone reached!

In the same boat what did you change please.