Controlling an embedded FBX animation

Im totally new to Unreal, Im trying to do something very simple and Im having a nightmare.
I’v imported an animated FBX of a crane. I want to be able to pause and unpause the animation with the press of a button.

I have worked in the animation blueprint of the FBX to loop the animation and created a variable for the play rate called “crane speed”.
I created a separate blueprint (containing a cast of the AnimBlueprint and my crane speed variable) to control the speed of the crane. This works fine - if I set crane speed to 1 it plays and normal rate, if I set it to 0 it stops.
I was hoping to then add an event so that when “x” key is pressed “crane speed” will be set to 0. Then when its pressed again it would be set back to 1.

Iv done a lot of messing about with the Branch node and all sorts, but when I add my input node for the “x” key it just wont fire when I preview the scene. I can see the flow of data from my Event BeginPlay node but no matter what I do with the input action node it just doesnt fire. Therefore I cant troubleshoot my graph because it doesnt even get going!
I have attached images of my node graphs.

If anyone can fix my graphs or just show me a better way to achieve my goal it would be greatly appreciated. Im very new to all this so please treat me like a simpleton, with step by step instructions :slight_smile:

Use a FlipFlop gate (yes that’s what it called) and connect to your activator.

Press X once and your flow will go down one path (A). Press it again this time it flow will go down the other (B). Keep pressing the X key and the gate will flipflop back and forth.