Controlling a Pawn through Level Blueprints: Problem!

So my game idea involves player 1 in first person with standard controls, while player 2 has to play through player ones eyes. Imagine a split screen co-op shooter where you cover up one of the screens.

Now for the prototype, I discovered that since blueprints are pretty much universal, I can mostly copy and paste from the character blueprint to the level blueprint and simply reference the pawn I dropped into the level and I am controlling it. I just bind the player 1 controls to the keyboard & mouse and player 2 to the controller and there you go!

Unfortunately, everything works excepts the character rotation binded to the controllers right stick, and the mouse. It just simply doesn’t work. I’ve been trying to figure this problem out for a few weeks now, but no luck, so I made a quick video going over the problem. I hope this can get ironed out soon! This is the last thing between me blocking out levels! :o

Here is a video going over the problem (make sure annotations are on!)

It’s a really strange problem. Why does only that one bind not work, but everything else does?

Thought I’d bump this, I’ve been trying things, but with no luck!

Bump again!


Why are you trying to do this in the level blueprint?

Mostly because it is the only way I would know how to go about doing it, at least for something quick and dirty so I can get to the level design. I’ve been asking around on how to achieve something in a more professional way, but no luck so far.

Hi StevenWaltherMedia,

You will probably want to create blueprints for the components you are trying to work with, not create them in the level blueprint. Please refrain from bumping threads that have not gone unanswered for more than 4-5 days. Thank you.