Controlling a crane with button inputs (Up, Down, Right, Left)

I have a simple crane model I want to be able to control. I’ve used Control Rig to set it up and can use the controls to create animations. So the rig itself works.

Basically, what I would like to achieve is to rise and lower the crane boom. And rotating it to the left or the right direction using keys inputs. Pressing the Up, Down, Right and Left buttons would be sufficient enough for now.

I’m obviously quite new to Unreal at this point, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Guides and tutorials recommendations to point me in the right directions would also be very helpful.

This video can help with interacting with objects via a command:
How To Interact | Blueprint Interface - Unreal Engine Tutorial - Bing video

in the Factory Environment asset pack there is a crane you could look at.

Thanks for the tip, Looks promising.