Controlling a constantly rotating triangle with physics in 4.9

I have a character class actor that is constantly rotating, and I’d like to be able to move it around in four directions (up, down, left, right).

This character should hit walls, return hit information and not go through the walls etc so I deemed physics to be the best option.

Now the problem is that I’m not sure if custom collision shapes for characters are still unsupported in UE 4.9? It doesn’t seem to be. And if I add my triangle as a sub-component to the capsule component and add collision shapes under that, any rotations I do on any component don’t seem to work for my collision objects that just stay in place (even though I believe if ‘show collisions’ is on while playing the collision objects do rotate, but it behaves as if it doesn’t).

Is this possible to do yet?

If so, what am I missing? Don’t use a character class? Also, if I add a second capsule to my character it doesn’t behave the same way as the first, so I assume only the one root capsule is expected to work.


You can use pawn as a basis instead of character and it can be anything - physics or kinematic driven, single mesh or even collection of attached to it actors.

You know what - it’s all starting to seem very simple once I created a pawn with a single physics mesh. Parenting physics meshes inside of a character or pawn gave me varying results - opening a project showed certain things working, switch physics off then back on (essentially no change) then showed the same certain things not working. All making me think it should somehow work, and it’s been the case for a while now, things seem very unreliable. Going down to a single mesh in a pawn works well so far so thanks!

If I’d want a rigid connection between multiple physics meshes you suggested attaching more actors. What is the best way to do that? Using sockets? Rigidconnection components?

You can use AttachActor nodes in blueprint.