Controlling a 1D Blendspace


I posted this in Animation, too, but since it also involves blueprint work, I figured this might actually be an even better place to ask.

I have a Clip actor (attached to a Weapon actor) that has its own animation set. The clip is a sort of rotary, on which are placed seven bomb-like rounds.

What I want to happen is as each round is fired, the clip rotates to the next occupied slot, creating a physical indicator of ammunition available:

What I’ve done is created a 1D BlendSpace with each round state, allowing for a sequential discharge:

As mostly a rigger and animator, this is territory I’m vastly unfamiliar with… How would I go about plugging this into the system so that the 1D BlendSpace plays, then stops at the appropriate state until the next round is fired?

Should I be using an animation Montage or some other tool instead of a BlendSpace?

Let me know if there’s anything you need to see with my blueprints, etc. I didn’t build them, as it’s a school project, but I’ll do what I can to help you help me :slight_smile:

Thank you!