Controlling 2 separate pawns with AWSD keys

I am currently trying to create a robotic arm with a rotational base and a movable arm in unreal engine. i have them moving how they should with an on button click, however i am not able to possess both of them at the same time making it difficult to make both move in tandem.
i would like to control the rotating base with the AD keys and the arm with ethe WS keys without having to swap player possession. is there any way to do this easily? would it be better to make them a single blueprint and then add different static meshes to them to control them separately?
this is the arm:

current level blueprint to switch between them

Example of basic rotate blueprint

Hey there @mmartin139! So if you can’t possess the actor, it’s best to communicate between them. Send your inputs over to the mechanical arm via direct communication if this is only one arm you’ll ever use. Or you could use event dispatchers or blueprint interfaces and have the arm bound to your player’s inputs. You can even pass your axis input values through it!

Actor communication documentation (quickstarts and examples at the bottom):

How to use event dispatchers video:

If you want to get really in depth, whole communications video from UE: