Controlling 2 characters at once?

I’m looking to control 2 characters each with my two analog sticks. Left stick controls one character, the other controls the other. How would I go about creating and controlling the second character? As a test, I created a new character, gave him the same input code as the default character, placed him in the scene and nothing happens. I can’t control the second character. What am I missing? I’m still pretty new to Unreal, so please don’t hold back with any details, or possible pitfalls.

I don’t know a whole lot about characters either, but I think you have to assign yourself to start controlling the 2nd pawn.

Sorry, but how does that work?

I’m not sure, the only thing I’ve ever done with characters is add a button to make my character crouch :\

You need to possess the pawn before being able to control it. I don’t know a way to possess two pawns at same time but you can, On “event begin play”, store both character in game instance. When you do an event, in your controller blueprint, you possess the right one (using get game instance / cast to) and do the event (by replacing events in character by functions / custom events and call them from the reference).